Michelle Laxalt

At its core, my artwork is motivated by my curiosity for the body, corporeality, vulnerability, and ambiguity. Using clay, fibers, and cast-off materials, I create sculptural forms and textile pieces that allude to human, animal, and organic bodies. My use of realism exists on a spectrum: some pieces are highly rendered and referential while others are more abstract and vague, evocatively recalling the idea of “body” without illustrating it literally.

In my work, I intend to evoke visceral sensations that range from curiosity to anxiety to empathy. My sculptures tend to be visually severe in the way that they are modelled and fragmented, and I aim for tenderness in my material handling to balance this severity with emotional warmth. I am interested in subtlety and mystery and am driven to create work that is at once familiar and strange, evocative and uncanny, beautiful and unnerving.